Ostrich Leather Bi-Fold Wallet – Body Skin

Ostrich Leather Bi-Fold Wallet – Body Skin


A remarkable size when folded at 11 by 9.5cm (4.1/4 by 3.3/4 inches)


6 credit card slots
2 banknote compartments
4 licence pockets

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Luxurious Practicality: The Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body

In the realm of premium accessories, the Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body stands as a testament to the intersection of luxury and functionality. With a folded size measuring a remarkable 11 by 9.5cm (4.1/4 by 3.3/4 inches), this wallet body not only boasts an elegant design but also packs a punch in terms of organizational features. In this article, we explore the intricacies of this luxurious wallet, delving into its dimensions, compartments, and the exquisite touch that ostrich leather brings to the world of men’s accessories.

Compact Elegance: Unveiling the Dimensions

The Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body is not just a functional accessory; it’s a statement of refined taste and sophistication. When folded, it achieves a remarkable size of 11 by 9.5cm (4.1/4 by 3.3/4 inches). This compact form factor makes it ideal for the modern man who seeks elegance without compromising on practicality. Slip it into your pocket with ease, and experience the seamless blend of style and convenience.

Organizational Mastery: What Lies Within

Beyond its sleek exterior, the Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body reveals a thoughtfully designed interior that caters to the varied needs of a discerning individual. The compartments include:

  • 6 Credit Card Slots: For the well-connected individual managing various cards, the wallet provides six dedicated slots, ensuring that each card has its designated space.
  • 2 Banknote Compartments: The practicality of this wallet extends to its capacity to organize different denominations of currency. With two spacious banknote compartments, your bills stay neatly arranged.
  • 4 License Pockets: Catering to the modern man’s need to carry identification in various forms, the wallet features four license pockets. This ensures that your licenses, whether for driving or other purposes, have a secure and easily accessible place.

Exquisite Material: Ostrich Leather’s Touch of Opulence

While the dimensions and compartments make the Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body a practical choice, it’s the material that elevates it to the echelons of luxury. Crafted from ostrich leather, known for its distinctive quill pattern and supple texture, this wallet body exudes opulence. Ostrich leather is not just a material. It’s also a statement of refined taste and a nod to the finer things in life.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Style and Functionality

In conclusion, the Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet Body is more than a mere accessory; it’s a symphony of style and functionality. Its compact elegance, coupled with organizational mastery and the opulence of ostrich leather, positions it as a must-have for those who appreciate the finer details in their everyday carry. Elevate your style and organizational game with this luxurious wallet body that seamlessly combines form and function. Furthermore, other styles also ready for purchase here.